Wednesday, August 11, 2010



It looks amazing. Seriously, my mom is a G.* The little entertainment center is perfect for my game systems, my VCR**, and all my DVDs. More importantly, though, the sewing table is MAGIC. It looks amazing, it fits RIGHT into the space, and it has storage for all my sewing supplies and my new iron! YAY!

Unfortunately, the road to perfection was not paved in gold. It was paved in PAIN.

Building the entertainment center was no problem. Yeah it made my wrist kinda tired from screwing in all the screws, but other than that it was pretty simple. The sewing table, on the other hand, was NOT EASY. I mean, we had all the directions and we were able to put it together just fine, but it seemed a lot more complicated and DAUNTING. We were about 2/3 of the way through when IT HAPPENED. See, they had this nifty little bag thingy with all the screws and nails and stuff organized into individual little pockets. This was a good thing, because there were LOTS of different screws and nails and things. Included in this bag were six things that go on the bottom of the unit to make it slide a little easier over the floor. Well, these were shaped like GIANT push-pins. The little slider things were attached to the top of decent-sized nails so they could be hammered into the bottom of the legs of the table. WELL. We had this bag thing on the floor off to the side so we could access it easily. At one point I was sitting there, probably holding a part or screwing in a screw, and I needed to stretch out my back. So I went to put my arm behind me and strech a bit, but instead of landing on the floor my hand landed ONTO ONE OF THOSE SCARY PUSH-PIN THINGS. I gasped and picked my hand up and the push pin was STILL IN THERE! I pulled it out quickly and proceeded to CRY. It HURT.

Lucky for me it wasn't actually a serious injury. It didn't go in nearly as deep as it seemed, and we cleaned it and band-aided it right away so it's very unlikely to get infected. Actually, I can barely feel it anymroe... it's kinda like a small bruise more than anything. But DANG did it hurt when it happened!

Even after that, though... the table was totally worth it. My room is AWESOME.

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

*G for genius, though gangsta might be applicable, too.
**You read that right. We use our VCR to play our cable because we don't have the right remote for our TV and so we can't program the TV to find the cable channels or something. I dunno. It's weird. We also record shows sometimes.

Days until school: 20
BEDA posts: 10
Sewing projects completed: 5


  1. So, when are you going to post pictures?!
    Sorry about the nail, hope you are up to date on your tetanus shots!

  2. I am definitely a genius gangsta :p