Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Want El Pollo Loco

Seriously, KFC is okay, but it's nowhere NEAR as good as El Pollo Loco. And I'm not just saying that because they give you the little tortillas.

I was kinda sick today. Nothing major, I was mostly just felling the effects of yesterday's allergy attack. Still, though, I didn't really feel like eating much. Until I got a serious craving for chicken. I wanted El Pollo Loco so badly, but since there isn't one anywhere near campus (and possibly nowhere in Flagstaff), I decided I would just go to KFC and order the grilled chicken. I didn't even want any sides, really, just the chicken. WELL, I went and asked about getting a 3 piece breast & thigh with no sides, and it was only like $1.50 less than the meal, so I got the meal and I got mashed potatoes because I thought they sounded pretty good and it couldn't hurt. I drove home, grabbed a cup of applesauce, turned on Bones, and, SUPER hungry at this point, pulled open my box of chicken... and cursed*. It was fried chicken. Breaded and fried. *SIGH*

I ate the chicken anyway, and it was okay, but since I was kinda sick I really just wanted the plain chicken. So I wasn't quite as satisfied and I hoped to be. I think I'll search for an El Pollo Loco in Flagstaff and, if there is one, I'll go there tomorrow for lunch. YUM.

Anyway, tonight was SUPER FUN. Every year as part of our Move-In Weekend activities we have a hypnotist show. I had never been before, which is CRAZY because I am a SENIOR and it is a BIG DEAL each year. But this year it was part of my job to help run things at the show, so I went and I helped and I had a BLAST. It was actually two shows in a row this year because it is SO POPULAR. And it was hilarious. The guy does mass hypnotism, so he had like forty or so people on stage and he would say things like, "Your right shoe is the cutest puppy in the world" and they would all pet and kiss their right shoe. It was excellent. SO FUNNY. I don't ever want to do that, though. I know you wouldn't do anything that would break your own set of morals or anything, but I don't think I would like to lose all my inhibitions like that. Still, though, it was really fun to watch :)

Until tomorrow, then, best wishes!

*Okay, that's a lie. I don't curse. But I was pretty annoyed.

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