Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Did Stuff Today!

First off, I want to show you the two pictures that I was missing yesterday.

The hat:

Sun hat

And, of course, the APRON:
Only the best apron EVARRR.

And JUST IN CASE you didn't notice the fabric on there, here's a close-up:

Flowers and SKULLS! Yes, that's right, SKULLS! This is my proudest piece yet. SO AWESOME :)

Anyway, now for today. This morning was kinda meh at first because I was SUPPOSED to be somewhere at 9:00 to set up some projectors for RA training, but ACTUALLY I was supposed to have everything DONE by 9:00. My boss realized this morning that we had the times mixed up, so she called me and my new friend Katie, who is one of the other PAs*, at 7:30 to let us know that we needed to get going. So I grudgingly got up, went to her office to pick up an extra laptop (the projectors need laptops with them, and we didn't have enough down on south campus where training was happening), did some AWESOME parallel parking**, and then picked up Katie and went down to south campus to set things up. It wasn't hard or anything, and the good news was that we were just in time to have breakfast after we finished setting up. So it all worked out okay.

Then we had a good deal of time before we had to be back for OUR training (we only have to go to a few of the training sessions because we're not actually RAs), so I decided to... (wait for it...) sew!

I turned on my Eclipse audiobook that I had been listening to in Utah and I started looking through fabric. I had a friend tell me yesterday that she would actually buy a headband from me (hi, Lori!), and that was super encouraging, so I decided to make another headband. It's actually the same fabric as the hat that I made for my mom, and I think it's super cute!

The new headband:
I really love this pink plaid fabric <3

So I think what I'll do is take all the smaller scrap pieces from my big projects and make headbands with them... that way I'm using ALL the fabric up instead of wasting a bunch. I'll keep you posted about the whole selling-things thing (that sounds weird, I know) and send you a link when I start up my Etsy shop.

Anyway, after training and dinner I wanted to do some MORE sewing, so I looked through my projects-to-accomplish, and I noticed that I STILL hadn't tried out my ruffler foot! The bad news: It's the wrong kind, so it doesn't fit my machine. The good news: The seller I bought it from has a 30-day-guarantee on all their items, so I'll be able to get my money back. ALSO, they have the RIGHT kind for my machine (I think... this time I'll ask, though, don't worry), so maybe I'll just be able to do an exchange or something. *sigh* Just one of those learning experiences, I guess. At least now I know for sure that my machine is a LOW SHANK and not a SLANT SHANK. Which are quite different.

Sooo... I just spent like an hour figuring out how to sync my phone with my computer via Bluetooth. But I DID it! And I am now trying to figure out how to cut my songs into shorter bits and upload them to my phone as ringtones. We'll see how that works. Anyway, I did all this so I could share with you the picture of my unparalleled parallel parking.

And with that, I think it's time to be done with this post. So, until tomorrow, best wishes!

*PA= Programming Assistant (not to be confused with RA, which is Resident Assistant). This is my awesome new job where I get to plan school-wide events and be a resource to all the RAs for THEIR events. FUN! :D
I can haz license?

Days until school: 18
BEDA posts: 12
Sewing projects completed: 6 (yay!)


  1. "unparalleled parallel parking" I love this phrase :)
    So, is that my headband? Because it totally matched my pink shirt that I wear with my pink and orange plaid purse!

  2. It's yours if you want it! :D
    And I liked that phrase, too... hehe...