Friday, August 27, 2010


Today was a LONG day.

This morning I got up and cleaned my room. I wasn't sure when my roommate was going to move in, but today was the first day she could, so I wanted the room to be clean when she got here.

Then I had to go down to south campus to help direct traffic at one of the huge/confusing dorms because today was the beginning of move-in weekend. It was horrible. We were outside in the heat for four hours in the middle of the day. We had one of those canopy/tent things, but after 1:00 it was hard to get shade. And on top of that, we were right next to a bunch of dirt and weeds. I have MAJOR allergies. This was not a good combo. My eyes were swelling and itchy and I had that feeling of exhaustion you get when you're in the sun too long. I got home and all but collapsed. It REALLY drained me.

So then I watched Bones and talked to some friends who moved in today. Then I got a call from my friend Katie who said we were supposed to go pick up the sound system and take it back to the CDC at 7:30. This was news to me, but I dragged myself out of my room and went to get it with her. That thing is so AWKWARD and HEAVY. It was not fun to carry. But we managed, and then when I got back to my room I watched more Bones.

And now I am going to SLEEP.

Good night.

Days until school: 4
BEDA posts: 26
Sewing projects completed: 9

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