Tuesday, August 17, 2010

About How Phantom Is So Awesome

(Thanks to my best friend, Vicki, who has the best ideas for what to blog about.)

Phantom is SO awesome. Like, seriously. I'm not a music major or anything but even I can detect beauty and genius that is Phantom of the Opera. I love how the music has themes/motifs/whatever that go throughout the whole show and tie everything together and... and... it's just AWESOME. I desperately want to go see it live. Or, even better, ON BROADWAY. That would be like my dream come true. Seriously.

So Vicki and I have this thing. See, there's a hill in Flagstaff called Mars Hill. It has a beautiful view of the city, especially at night, and you can see the stars really well up there. Of course, being a secluded spot, it inevitably attracts couples who want to, erm, park. It's actually kinda funny. So we go up there to just hang out and see the pretty stars/city and the whole time there are other cars around with people inside them doing who-knows-what. One day we went with like five people and we brought a tarp and laid it on the ground and sang songs at the tops of our lungs while star gazing. I don't know if it was ACTUALLY our fault, but by the end of the night we were the only people left. We potentially drove away like four or five cars. Lol.

Anyway, we went to Mars Hill after dinner tonight and we listened to Phantom at top volume and sang along. This time we stayed in the car, though, so I don't think we actually disturbed anyone. It was super fun, though. And in between musical numbers we discussed the upcoming release of MOCKINGJAY!!! We are both SUPER excited. I bought Hunger Games and Catching Fire today because I want to re-read them before the new one comes out in ONE FREAKING WEEK... and when I read them the first time I borrowed them from Vicki, so I've been wanting to get my own copies anyway. This way my brother SIMON will have NO EXCUSE next time I tell him he should read them because I OWN THEM. *meaningful glare*

Oh, and about Hunger Games? I am SO Team Peeta. <3

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

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  2. Team Peeta?

    You should make a t-shirt. Or a headband. Or sent an idea proposal to SNL for a skit starring Taylor Lautner.

  3. You should listen to Les Mis. As much as I love Phantom, the melodies and harmonies that intertwine in many of the Les Mis songs are mind blowingly beautiful.