Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bones, Sewing, Mike Lombardo, and Lots of Abbreviations

I watched more Bones today.  I'm almost done with season one, and I LOVE it.  I've seen random episodes on TV and stuff before, but I prefer watching a show from episode one and getting the whole story.  So far, the story is AWESOME.  And I <3 David Boreanaz more than I can explain in mere words...

I also had my first shift at the Community Development Center (CDC*) this evening.  It's basically a resource for all the Resident Assistants (RAs) on campus to get supplies for their bulletin boards (BBs), door decorations (door decs or DDs), or fliers for programs (no abbreviation**).  We have tons of butcher paper, two die-cut machines, drawers full of regular-size colored paper, glue, scissors, balloons, a helium tank, a laminating machine, a button press, and much more.  It's like a craft-maker's dream room.  And I get to work there ten hours a week :)  The other part of my job will be planning the campus-wide events, and that should be starting pretty soon.  Luckily our first event, the Black and White Dance, is already pretty much planned, so we just have to set up and be there, I guess.  That will be nice.  I'm excited for the event-planning, though!  I love stuff like that.  Ask my mom.  I used to plan EPIC birthday parties.

Before my shift, though, I made two more headbands, as seen below.  I can't stop making these!  I really need to get that etsy shop set up...
Two more headbands!

I realized that I have no brown thread.  I need to get some.  Luckily I had other colors that worked okay with these particular headbands.

I couldn't watch Bones while sewing because my sewing machine faces the other way and it's too hard to hear the show while sewing, so I decided to listen to music.  There was lots of different stuff I wanted to listen to, though, so I decided to make a playlist (which eventually became a full-fledged mix CD) of wizard rock and artists from DFTBA Records***.  This took longer than you might expect.  See, I like my playlists/CDs to FLOW.  I don't want just random songs thrown together.  So I spent like an hour arranging the songs so that each one led well into the next and no artist had two songs in a row.  It was kinda fun.  And I ended up calling it DFTBA, Wrock****.  Get it?  (If not, then you're probably not a Nerdfighter.  That's okay.  You should be, though.)

One of the main reasons I wanted to listen to that music was because I wanted to listen to some Mike Lombardo.  Mike Lombardo (or MiLo) is a musician on YouTube who was (kinda) recently signed to DFTBA Records.  He is AWESOME.  He plays the piano, which is like the coolest thing ever, and he writes rock music!  With the piano!  I don't think I can explain how AWESOME that is.  Anyway, here's one of my favorite songs of his (called "Abby Never") and the official music video that he filmed and put up a few days ago.  You should give him a listen:

Anyway, yeah, it wasn't a productive day in the conventional sense, but I got stuff done!  Tomorrow I think I'm going to work on a little secret project for my mom that I can't talk about because she reads this.  And maybe I'll make the nursing cover for my aunt that I promised her.

So, until then, best wishes!

*Not to be confused with the Center for Disease Control
**Residence Life (ResLife) does like it's abbreviations
***Record label of artists from YouTube, run by Alan Lastufka and Hank Green
****DFTBA stand for "Don't Forget To Be Awesome" and Wrock stands for Wizard Rock, which is music based on Harry Potter

Days until school: 16
BEDA posts: 14
Sewing projects completed: 8 (I LOVE it when this number goes up!  I actually WAITED to blog today until I finished my projects so that it COULD increase.  Because I'm cool like that.)


  1. So... I love those headbands. With a passion. I'm jealous. If you ever want to give me any, feel free... mkay?

  2. I didn't know there was a way to post youtube videos on one's blog. I need to learn this