Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Mother Is Annoying Me

Well, okay, she isn't any more, but earlier today when we were talking about blog posts she was. See, we have two different views of the meaning of BEDA, and hers is WRONG*. See, I think of BEDA as an excercise in writing and journaling. She sees it as an exercise in witticism. So she thinks that EVERY blog post needs to be witty and interesting, whereas I have no qualms with writing mundane things like my feelings while flying.

Speaking of which, my mom and brother are both blogging for BEDA (I converted them!), and they're both extremely funny (read: sarcastic/witty), so you should check them out. They don't do super long posts like I do, either, so it won't take up too much of your time. Leave 'em a comment if you wish, and you can tell them I sent you :D

Mom (Stacey):

Brother (Simon):

So, today was fun! I went to JoAnn's again** and then I went to my old high school (my brother goes there now, too) and helped my theatre teacher run auditions for the fall play. I LOVE doing this, because I would like to teach theatre at some point, and it's great getting the practice in. Plus, I'm a huge nerd and a total teacher's pet, so I really like going back to school and reliving the good old days. Then my friend Matt (who was in theatre will me all four years of high school and is one of my best friends) and I went to Applebees, which is kind of our thing, and then came back to my house and played video games. He kicked my butt at Mario Kart, but then I kicked his butt at Wii Play, so we're even. It was super fun, though.

And now I'm feeling a little melancholy, but I'll get over it. It was a good day and tomorrow should be fun, too, because it's call backs*** and I'm going back to help again. I love theatre :D

I don't really have much else to say today, so until tomorrow, best wishes!

*Okay, obviously this is not true. But it sure FEELS like it sometimes.
**The roof of the JoAnn's in Flagstaff collapsed last winter and it won't be functional again until January, so I'm trying to get everything I'll need BEFORE I go up to school.  Hence all the trips to JoAnn's over the last three days.
***Call backs are like the first cut of auditions. If they liked you enough the first time around, then you get called back and you audition a second time. Usually the call back audition is a different kind of format. For example, if your first audition is a monologue, then the second time they might give you a scene from the script and ask you to do it with a partner.

Days until Flagstaff: 3
BEDA posts: 5
Completed sewing projects:4


  1. "See, I think of BEDA as an *excersize* in writing and journaling. She sees it as an *exercize* in witticism."

    Isn't it exercise?


    <3, V

  2. *GASP* I CANNOT believe I DID that. I THOUGHT it looked funny... *sigh* I'm going to change it right now. *facepalm*

  3. That's okay, you spelled "their" wrong on an earlier post :)
    So, what's with missing yesterday?!

  4. I didn't, I just forgot to post it to this blog. I'm doing that right now :)
    I spelled THEIR wrong??? UGH. Lol :D