Monday, August 2, 2010

I Am Quite Hungry

I slept in today. Like, MAJORLY. First I woke up at 9:00, which isn't too bad, but I was having weird dreams and I didn't want to get up so I feel back asleep. Then I woke up again and thought that it was probably like 11:00 or maybe even 12:00. Nope. 12:45! HOLY COW! I NEVER sleep in past noon. It was so weird. And then I stayed in my room talking on the phone to my mom for like an hour, and then I stayed in my room some more and watched YouTube. (Note: After neglecting videos all summer long, I am finally caught up on Vlogbrothers, Italktosnakes, and WheezyWaiter.)

I ate some breakfast at like 2:00 and then at 3:00 I got ready to go to JoAnn's. My uncle didn't get home until 3:30, which was good because I wasn't ready to go yet, and he needed the car back by 4:30 to go pick up my aunt from work (their other car broke down a few days ago). So I rushed to JoAnn's, found most of the stuff I needed to buy, then rushed back to the house so he could take the car. Then I watched YouTube again.

It's been a rather unproductive day, as far as practical things go. And I STILL need to go back to JoAnn's, but I'll probably do that tomorrow. See, the JoAnn's in Flagstaff is closed until JANUARY because last winter we had crazy, CRAZY snowstorms and the ROOF CAVED IN! So I need to stock up before I go back, and I won't have much time once I get home because I have a BAZILLION other things to do.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure in my last blog I promised some Utah pics, so here we go!

Tabernacle Organ
Isn't that COOL? It's one of the most famous organs in the world. It was originally constructed in the 1860s, though since then it's been rebuilt and enlarged. It has 11,623 pipes. The Tabernacle is home to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, which started with a small choir that sang at a Church conference in 1847 and now has 360 unpaid members who not only perform at Church conferences but also broadcast Music and the Spoken Word every Sunday morning. It's the longest-running continual network broadcast in the world.  (Can you tell I have a little brochure? Still, I think it's all super interesting.)

We went to a short organ recital here in the Tabernacle, and it was really neat. The building is made with music in mind, so the acoustics are pehnomenal. The organist did a demonstration and we could literally hear him DROPPING A PIN from the stage. Yeah. AWESOME.

Salt Lake Temple
This building is so BIG, and every time I see it I marvel again at it's GRANDNESS. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or "LDS Church" or "Mormon Church"), a temple is a sacred place of worship and learning. There are many temples throughout the world, but this one is the biggest and the most well-known. If you ever visit Utah, go to Temple Square. It's gorgeous. This picture is only the back of the building. This temple took forty years to build. That's right. FORTY YEARS. They started construction in February of 1853 and the temple was dedicated on April 6, 1893. The walls are nine feet thick at the base and six feet thick at the top. (Info found here.)

Me, just south of Temple Square in front of some cool fountains
I don't have any cool information about these fountains or anything, I just thought they looked neat. :) This is just south of the temple (you can see it in the top right corner) in front of Deseret Bookstore. Oh, and that's the headband that I made. I made it the night before I went up to Salt Lake because I knew I would be taking pictures and I wanted to look cute. No, seriously. That's why I made it. :D

ANYWAY, as the title of this post says, I am QUITE hungry. So, I'm going to go have dinner with my friend Jenna who just got engaged. :D

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

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BEDA posts: 2
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  1. Awesome! Sorry you slept in! Hope tomorrow goes well xD

  2. That is a cute headband! That pin dropping story is super should tell it at parties.