Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh Shoot, It's 11:40!

Sorry, but I think today's is going to be a short blog. I only have... seventeen minutes to get this up. Oops?

I think rain is my absolute favorite smell. I was sitting at my desk, Skyping with my friend Korina, and then suddenly my nose caught this heavenly whiff of refreshing humidity... and I felt SO HAPPY. I love, love, love the rain, even if it only lasts for ten minutes. I suppose it's a product of growing up in the desert, but rain feels so clean and comforting. I LOVE it.

Oh, and I'm almost done with Bones: Season One for real now. The other day I THOUGHT I was almost done, but actually I was only on disc three out of four. Now I really AM almost done. I'm very excited. David Boreanaz = <3.

Sorry for the brevity tonight. I'll do something cool/interesting/fun tomorrow.

Until then, best wishes!

Days until school:15

BEDA posts: 15

Sewing projects completed: 8

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