Saturday, August 7, 2010


Sorry, folks, I forgot to copy/paste this from my other blog last night.  I swear I didn't forget to blog last night.  Here's my blog over at the Maureen Johnson ning in case I forget to post it over here again.

And here's my post from last night:

So remember how I've been to JoAnn's like three times in as many days? Well, the first time I went I had two coupons, but after that I bought some more expensive things and I wished for one of those two coupons that I had already used. And guess what? After three trips to JoAnn's, I got a coupon in the mail yesterday. It expires before I'll be able to come back down to Phoenix and GO to JoAnn's. So... I think I'll go to JoAnn's one last time tomorrow and get a pattern or something. Lol.

Anyway, it's almost midnight and I have basically nothing to say right now, so I think today is going to have to be one of those short-posts-about-nothing kind of days. Sorry. I'll try to be more entertaining tomorrow.

Until then, best wishes!

Days until Flagstaff: 2
BEDA posts: 6
Completed sewing projects: 4 (hopefully this number will change tomorrow)

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