Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm on a Plane.

This is me at the airport, wearing my Oceanic Six* shirt. They are an awesome band and if you like LOST (or if you like Alex Carpenter, Jason Munday, and Luke Conard) you should listen to their songs.

It was hard to get a good angle of me and the shirt and the airport. You'll just have to trust me that it's really me in that shirt and I really am in an airport.

And this is what I wrote for you during my flight:

I'm on a plane! Well, when you read this I won't be, but as I type I am! I love flying. My favorite part is liftoff and landing; if I'm in a window seat, I will glue my face to that window and try to see the exact moment when the wheels leave/touch the ground. And I love it when my flight is at night, because all the city lights are BEAUTIFUL. I think I saw the Salt Lake Temple as we were ascending. It was pretty cool.

Another cool thing is flying when it's stormy. Yeah the bumpiness of the ride is disconcerting, but looking out the window and seeing the clouds beneath you is AWESOME. A minute ago we were flying over some clouds that were over the city, so the lights from below were shining up and illuminating the clouds just the tiniest bit. I felt like Mario in the sky levels; I wanted to jump out and bounce around. Luckily, I have a bit more respect for the laws of physics than the creators of Mario, so I won't be jumping on the clouds any time soon.

Okay, this has nothing to do with flying, but have you guys seen that new viral video about the double rainbow? If not, you should WATCH IT. It's hilarious. Okay, seriously, here it is for real**. It's this guy taping a double rainbow outside his home, and he is just BLOWN AWAY by it. He literally falls down to the ground and starts sobbing at one point. Anyway, I saw a double rainbow before we left for the airport this evening, and I wanted to take a picture of it, but by the time I was able to it was only a single rainbow. It was still cool, though, because it stretched all the way across the sky.

Ooh, I just got my peanuts! I LOVE IT when they give you peanuts. Although, they offered peanuts or pretzels, and I kinda wish I had asked for pretzels, because the peanuts are a bit too salty for me. I really wanted honey roasted peanuts, but it looks like they only have the one kind. *sigh* Oh well, my cranberry juice will be here soon and it will balance out the salt. Oh, and I have a bag of cookies. Maybe I'll have some more after I drink my juice.

MMMMMM, cranberry juice! So refreshing :) This is why I fly Southwest. Two free checked bags, complimentary peanuts, and a complimentary drink! When I flew to and from Mexico last year, one of the airlines charged for drinks ($2 for a bottle of water!). I was very upset. I think it was US Airways. The other airline, American Airlines, gave us drinks and snacks, but I think they still charged for checked luggage. Luckily, neither of the airlines charged for luggage if you were flying internationally, so I didn't have to pay anythning then. But STILL.

Well, I finished my juice. I think I'll save the second bag of peanuts (they gave me TWO!) for some other time. Maybe I'll have a cookie in a little while. We'll see. It looks like we're almost an hour into the flight, so there's only another half hour or so to go!

I think I'll spend the rest of the flight playing hearts. I need to practice so I can kick my uncle's butt next time we play. :)

Hope you all have a splendid night! (Or day, if you're reading this at a later date and it's daytime when you are...)

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

*Thier music at DFTBA records
**Did you click the first one? Hahaha, you got HANKROLL'D! :)

Days until Flagstaff: 4
BEDA posts: 4
Completed sewing projects: 4
(Hey, did you see that? Complete coincidence, too.)

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