Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shoot :(

Has it really been that long since I blogged? *frownyface* I guess BEDA can only be counted as a semi-success this year. Maybe I'll do better in BEDAugust. (I think I'm gonna do BEDA and BEDAugust from now on. It's nice doing it twice a year.)

Now, for the excuses! So here's the dealio. Last weekend I went home for Easter. Normally this wouldn't put a such a big dent in my blogging because Easter is only ONE DAY, right? WRONG. My Easter lasted ALL WEEKEND.

Friday- Drove home in the afternoon. Ate Sonic in the car. Arrived home, changed, headed right back out to the Mesa Easter Pageant (the largest outdoor Easter Pageant in the world, incidentally). It was totally awesome and I LOVED it, but I was understandably exhausted after all the travel and then the pageant and then eating a bunch of half-off appetizers at Applebee's with my dad, my brother, and my brother's friend. Got home at like midnight.

Saturday- Babysat kiddos* from 9:00 to 1:00. Went back to Mom's for Easter stuff. Little 4-year-old cousin hunted for Easter eggs. So did brother (17). So did I (21). It was fun (mostly because the eggs had money in them). Then had emotional meltdown #1 of Easter weekend. That was fun (or not). Then went to see Into the Woods at ASU, which was super-duper awesome. It was a LONG show, though. Got home around midnight.

Sunday- Went to church w/ Dad and kiddos at 8. Only stayed for Sacrament Meeting**. Got back to Mom's around 9:30, had leftover pasties for brunch. Cue emotional meltdown #2. Went with Dad and kiddos out to North Phoenix for Easter with extended family. Lots of fun, also exhausting. Headed home around 3.

[Hilarious story from the car: Little sister is playing with her seatbelt. I tell her to stop. She keeps pulling it out farther and farther. Again, I tell her to stop. She lets it go and then tries to pull it again but, lo and behold, the safetylock is activated.
Sister: It's STUCK!
Me: I know.
Sister: It's STUCK!!!!
Me: That's how it's supposed to be.
She pulls it harder, still expecting it to come out. It remains stuck.
Me: Honey, you can't keep pulling on it. I know it's counterintuitive, but the harder you pull the more stuck it gets.
Dad: You know you just said "counterintuitive" to a three year old? A six syllable word.
Me: Huh. *is proud*]

Sunday cont- Got back to Dad's house, dropped off Dad and kiddos, went to pick up brother from Mom's house. Went back to Dad's house, played Settlers of Zarahemla***. Nona brought Mom to Dad's house, Mom drove with me up to Flagstaff. Nona took brother back to Mom's house. Mom and I got to Flagstaff around 9, COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED.

So, you see, I've been busy. Sorry, BEDA. Guess it just wasn't meant to be.


P.S. Stay tuned! I am going to blog about the AWESOME that is THE GODDESS TEST. I finished it yesterday and I FREAKING LOVED IT. My blog will be unspoilery for the first half, and then after the clearly marked break it will be SPOILERS GONE WILD. Just so you know.

*My darling (read: HANDFUL) siblings. Verity is 3, Ammon is 2. I adore them, but they are TIRING.
**Sacrament Meeting = like Mass or the thing in other churches where the pastor preaches a sermon (does that have a name?)
***Different version of Settlers of Catan

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, folks! I actually had a hard time figuring out if I DID, because the last several posts have been done after midnight, so the blog says it's April 18th when I'm really counting it for April 17th. Maybe next year I do what MJ did and write my posts the night BEFORE so that I don't have to stay up late each night blogging. Or maybe I won't. Who am I kidding? Procrastination is my THING. Lol :)

Anyway, I have been reading a LOT lately. I've read a book a day for the last two days. It's mega-awesome-book-timez up in here! I read Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature yesterday and I LOVED it! It's a great book about bullying and romance and the ability to believe in God and Science at the same time. Highly recommended.

I don't think I'm going to keep my book-per-day streak going (mostly because I want to actually get some sleep tonight), but I AM heading over to Barnes and Noble after work to buy The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter*. I'm totally excited because it's about mythology, which I 1) love and 2) do not know nearly enough about.

Aimée said (in an interview, I think) that one of her reasons for writing TGT was the negative light that is often cast upon Hades. People think of him as the Devil (and also remember the whole thing with tricking Persephone), and so he's seen as this evil guy when really he's just another god. And I think that is really interesting, so I'm super excited to read it.

And to explore another facet of my nerdiness, I've decided to try out Portal. We'll see how it goes. I'm not a huge fan of first-person-shooter-y games because I can't navigate them very well, but my friend assures me that they are meant for computer play and they are much easier with a mouse than a controller. So, like I said, we'll see. I have a feeling I'm gonna like it, though. Everyone I've ever talked to (or watched on YouTube) says it's awesome.

So, yeah, that's what's going on today. Hope you all have a lovely Thursday. Until tomorrow, best wishes!


It's always been just Kate and her mom—and her mother is dying. Her last wish? To move back to her childhood home. So Kate's going to start at a new school with no friends, no other family and the fear her mother won't live past the fall.
Then she meets Henry. Dark. Tortured. And mesmerizing. He claims to be Hades, god of the Underworld—and if she accepts his bargain, he'll keep her mother alive while Kate tries to pass seven tests.
Kate is sure he's crazy—until she sees him bring a girl back from the dead. Now saving her mother seems crazily possible. If she succeeds, she'll become Henry's future bride, and a goddess.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breathing Underwater

Just finished a book called Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn. It was a tough book to read, but dang was it good. It was from the point of view of a teenage boy who abused his girlfriend. It was hard to read these scenes of him telling her not to hang out with her friend or not to wear that necklace or not to sing at the school talent show. It was horrifying to hear it from him like it was obvious that he should tell what to do. And it was even more horrifying to see him lose control and hit her.

But you know what? By the end of the book I forgave him. He did horrible things, and he could not make excuses for his actions, but he learned and grew and by the end I had to forgive him. I think we as humans have an infinite capacity to forgive if we let ourselves. Each and every one of us is a child of God. We all make mistakes. Some make choices that are a lot more damaging than others, but that doesn't mean that they are unforgivable. If only we could love each other as brothers and sisters. That doesn't mean we have to trust everyone or even like them, but if we loved them we would be able to feel compassion for them, and if the world ran on love and compassion, it would be a heck of a lot a better place.

So, that's my two cents for the day. If you can handle reading a heartwrenching, horrifying, intense book, then I would highly recommend this one.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Miss Speech and Debate

I know, I know, you can say it: I'm a nerd*.

I was just going through some old pictures and my NaNoWriMo story from two years ago, and I realized that I freakin' miss Speech and Debate. Those were some awesome times. On the one hand I'm glad I chose to focus on Theatre my junior and senior year, but on the other hand I'm kinda sad I didn't stay more involved in S&D.

So maybe when I student teach I'll help with the Speech and Debate team. I could volunteer as a judge for tournaments and/or be a chaperone. That would be awesome.

Anyway, short blog tonight. But never fear, I have some fun stuff coming up!**

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

<3 Allison

*If this is news to you, you don't know me very well.
**Think VLOG :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fourth Grade Flashback

Okay, so my friend and I were talking about those chants and hand-clapping games from elementary school (Miss Mary Mack, etc.), and I was trying to remember one of the big ones that we would ALWAYS sing in a big circle before school. All I could remember was something about Charlie Brown, a nickel, a grandma, and a fair or something. I was going CRAZY trying to remember it, but it just wouldn't come. Finally we decided to look it online when we got home. And then like a minute later we pulled into the parking lot AND I REMEMBERED IT!

Went downtown to see Charlie Brown,
He gave me a nickel so I bought me a pickle,
The pickle was sour so I bought me a flower,
The flower was dead so this is what he said:
Downtown, baby, down by the rollercoaster,
Sweet, sweet baby, Mama never let you go.
Grandma, grandma sick in bed
Called the doctor and the doctor said:
Let's get the rhythm of the head, ding dong!
Let's get the rhythm of the head, ding dong!
Let's get the rhythm of the hands, clap clap!
Let's get the rhythm of the hands, clap clap!
Let's get the rhythm of the feet, stomp stomp!
Let's get the rhythm of the feet, stomp stomp!
Let's get the rhythm of the hooootdog!
Let's get the rhythm of the hooootdog!
Put 'em all together and what do you get?
Ding dong, clap clap, stomp stomp, hooootdog!
Put 'em all backwards and what do you get?
Hooootdog, stomp stomp, clap clap, ding dong!

It was SO AMAZING. I couldn't believe I actually remembered it! Seriously, that was like . . . twelve years ago. DANG.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Deathly Hallows: Part I

I did this during the ORIGINAL BEDA when Twilight came out on DVD. Since then I always update my facebook status with commentary and quotes about Twilight or Harry Potter when I'm watching them at home.  Today I decided to spare my facebook friends and make it into a blog post instead :)

Live blogged by Allison

Bellatrix: I wanna kill the boy! *wags tail*
Voldemort: No! Bad Bella!
Bellatrix: *pouts*

Hedwig: *defends Harry*
Audience: NOOOOOOOO! :(

Announcer: And here comes Lord Voldemort, wearing a Smoke Monster original.
Voldemort: *struts* *flies*
(I wanted to insert a picture of smokey!Voldemort flying, but my computer won't let me do a screencap while playing a DVD. Stupid copyright crap.)

George: *lays on couch*
Fred: How you feeling, Georgie?
Audience: FREEEEEEEEED :'-(

Harry: *leaves Burrow in the middle of the night*
Ron: *follows after in pajamas* Going somewhere?
Audience: Ron! *drools*

Ginny: Zip me up, will you?
Harry: Um, heck yes I will.
Both: *snogs*

Minister: Oh yeah, Dumbledore gave you the Sword of Gryffindor, too, but you can't have it! Na na na na boo boo! *sticks out tongue*
Hermione: But it belongs to Harry! It came to him!
Minister: Too bad. Also, we can't find it. So, yeah.

Luna: *is adorable*
Xenophilius: *is weird*
Harry: *stares at symbol on X's chest*

Auntie Muriel: Bathilda Bagshot!
Harry: Who?
Auntie Muriel: What, don't you pay attention in History?
Harry and all students everywhere: *snorts* Right.

Death Eaters and Trio: *destroy coffee shop*
Waitress: Uhhhh?

Door: Regulus Arcturus Black
Trio: Huh. That door has the same initials as R.A.B. . . . THE DOOR IS RAB???

Death Eaters: *search train*
Neville: Hey, losers! He isn't here.
Audience: Yeeeah, Neville! *pumps fist*

Ron: *plays piano*
Hermione: *giggles* *corrects*
Harry: *rolls eyes*

Dobby: *wrestles with Mundungus Fletcher* Oh, hi, Harry!

Kreacher: *tries to get a word in edgewise*
Dobby: *shoves out of way*
Audience: Dobbbbbyyyyyyyy :-(

Mundungus: Look, that's her!
Trio: *stares at picture in revulsion*
Pic of Umbridge: *giggles* *waves*

Harry and Ron: *step into toilets, flush*

Harry-as-Runcorn: *walks with a funny little hop in his step*
Everyone else: *doesn't notice*

Mary: *kisses Ron-as-Reginald*
Ron: Uhhhh...
Real Reginald: O.o

Hermione: You can get going on the tent.
Harry: Where are we supposed to find a tent?
Hermione's bag: *sit there, looks innocent*

Roommate who hasn't read the books: Wait, so what's the deal with Sirius's brother and that locket?
Allison: *explains*
Roommate: Man, you really HAVE to read these books, don't you?
Allison: DUH. :)

Harry: *hangs locket around neck* *touches locket* *sees creepy vision*
Frodo: Hey, that's MY line!

Harry: *is cranky*
Hermione: Take it off!
Audience: Whaaaat?

Hermione: *stares in horror*
Snatcher: *sniffs*
Hermione: Do I smell THAT bad?

Harry and Hermione: *walk down hill*
Ron: Angst!
Harry and Hermione: *share water bottle*
Harry and Hermione: *walk together*

Hermione: The Sword of Gryffindor! It's goblin-made!
Harry and audience: Okaaaay...

Harry and Ron: *fight*
Hermione: Ugh! Boys.

Ron: *blows things out of proportion*
Audience: *sighs*

Harry: *dances with Hermione*
Harry/Hermione shippers: YESSSSSS!
Ron/Hermione shippers: It's a BROTHERLY dance!

Harry: *kisses Snitch*
Audience: Uhhhh...?

Hermione: *brushes snow off random gravestone only to reveal the weird symbol* Oh! Look! What a coinky-dink!

Creepy old woman: *walks up creepily*
Harry: I have a brilliant idea! Let's go WITH her!

Creepy old woman: *acts creepy*
Harry: So, what's up? Nice photo album. Who's this guy?

Creepy old woman: *speaks creepily* *turns into snake*
Harry: Aw, crap.

Snake: *flies through wall into perfectly clean and neat room child's bedroom*
Audience: Uhhh...?

Tiny ball of light: *appears in distance*
Harry: Oooh, shiny! *follows*

Harry: *takes clothes off*
Audience: *drools*

Harry: Dude, the Horcrux is lying! There's nothing between me and Hermione.

Ron: Oh. Good.
Harry/Hermione shippers: NOOOOOOOOO!
Ron/Hermione shippers: Hahaha! Take THAT, suckahs!

Ron: *comes back after weeks* *grins sheepishly* Hey.

Ron: . . . then the little ball of light went into my chest, right here *indicated heart* and it brought me to you, Hermione.
Audience: AWWWWWW <3

Ron: Oh, hey, you need a wand, don't you?
Harry: Yeah...
Ron: *pulls out extra wand* Here you go!

Hermione: *says stuff*
Ron: Yeah! Hermione's right! Let's vote on it. *raises hand*

Harry: What's that symbol thingy?
Xenophilius: Well it's the sign of the Deathly Hallows, of course.
Harry: Hey, isn't that the title of this movie?

Hermione: So these brothers were traveling along a road at twilight.
Ron: Midnight. Mum always said midnight.
Hermione: *raises eyebrow*
Ron: Twilight's fine. Better, actually!
Audience: *laughs*

Ron: Death's got an invisibility cloak?
Director: Eh, we don't need that line. *cuts*
Audience: Noooooooooo :(

Xenophilius: So, yeah, those are the Deathly Hallows.
Harry: Uhh....?

Harry: *falls*
Hermione: *points wand, casts spell*
Audience: Uhhh...?

Draco: *stares at Harry*
Harry: *stares at Draco*
Draco/Harry shippers: YESSSSSSSS.
Everyone else: *groans*

Bellatrix: Put the boys in the cellar! I want to have a little chat with this one, GIRL TO GIRL!
Boys: *are thrown into cellar*
Bellatrix: So, like, what's going on with you and Ron.
Hermione: *sigh* Who KNOWS? Boys. Ugh.
Bellatrix: Tell me about it.

Dobby: *appears in cellar*
Harry: Dobby! You can Apparate in here?
Audience: DOBBYYYYYYYYY <3 :'-(

Random piece of hair: *falls onto Hermione's jacket*
Really smart audience members: FORESHADOWING!
The rest of us: Okay, that was random.

Bellatrix: WTF, Elf???

Trio, Dobby, Goblin: *Disapparate*
Bellatrix's knife: *follows*

Voldemort: It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on-- *sees audience* Oh. Er. . .  *looks for something evil to do* *desecrated Dumbledore's grave* Oh, hey! The Elder Wand! Sweet! *takes*

Voldemort: *hovers over Dumbledore*
Voldemort/Dumbledore shippers: YESSSSS!
Everyone else: *groans*

Voldemort: *shoots lightning*
Emperor Palpatine: Hey, that's my line!

Movie: *ends*
Audience: Nooooooo :(

Until tomorrow, best wishes!
<3 Allison

Friday, April 15, 2011

Harry Potterrrrrrr

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I came out on DVD today! Yaaaaay!

But you know what's crazy? I haven't bought it yet :-/

This is very unlike me.

Maybe I'll buy it tomorrow. Probably.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fanfiction Binge

So, here's the thing: I'm a HUGE nerd. Like, seriously. N-E-R-D.

See, I really love fanfiction. Reading it AND writing it. I really only read Harry Potter and Twilight fanfic, thought lately I haven't been reading much of it at all. Every once in a while, though, I go on a sort of fanfic binge and read until 3 or 4 in the morning. This is what I did last night. And it was GLORIOUS.

There's something comforting about these fic binges. It's nice to just lay there in bed in the quiet of the night and read a really great story that just makes me giggle and sigh and wait anxiously for a new chapter to be posted.

And the best part? My class was cancelled this morning, so I got to sleep in! WIN-WIN SITUATION :D

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mixing It Up

I'm sick of the this-is-what-I-did-today blogs. So let's mix it up a bit!


Lamp: Bought this for vlogging light. It was like $8 at Target and I <3 it!

Important papers: I should probably do my taxes. Heh. (In my defense, I don't actually OWE any taxes. Because I don't make enough money. Because I'm a COLLEGE STUDENT.)

Book: Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich*** (Haven't actually read it. My friend loaned it to me, but I have soooo many other books that I have to read for school this semester, so I don't think I'll get to it.)

Walmart gift card: New Walmart opened up in Flagstaff, so they sent everyone $5 gift cards. I found it yesterday when I was cleaning :)

Recipes: From the cooking class I took last semester. The one on top is for Orange-Coconut Rolls, and they were SO YUMMY. Think I'll make them some time!

Unicorns vs. Zombies buttons: I won a contest and got a free copy of the book, a poster, and two pins (one for Team Unicorn, one for Team Zombie).

Scripture Mastery cards: In high school I attended seminary (a church class that we had during our school day), and we did this thing called Scripture Mastery where we memorized specific verses of scripture. These are the little study cards with a list of all 100 scriptures and their key words.

Writing utensils: Pens, pencil, whiteout pen, yellow crayon.

Dora Fruit Snacks wrapper: MmmmMmmmMmmm, deliciooooso!

Box of crayons: I take these to my Hall Council meetings so we can color on our agendas.

"Huffleberry" and Prefect badges: From our Quad Hall Cup last semester.

Mexican cards: A deck of cards I bought in a gift shop at a museum in Mexico. They are Prehispanic Mexican Gods**** themed.

Lip gloss: Birthday cake flavored

Mini Disneyland Cards: Given to me by one of my best friends from his trip to Disneyland. I used to carry them around in my purse. They're adorable.

Cameras: My digital camera and my flip camera <3

Scriptures: You know, like, the Bible and stuff*****

Ninety-page YA Lit bibliography: A list of YA books and their descriptions, by category (social issues, romance, adventure, etc.), from my YA Lit class. MJ is on there :)

Pictures: Like, actual printed ones. Crazy, right?

Take-home menu from Red Velvet Cupcakery in Tucson: Only the most delicious place EVER.

Stapler: It's purple.

Earrings: Duh.

Strawberry Shortcake sunglasses: Bought them for my 3 year old sister because they were adorable. Keep forgetting to bring them home with me.

Penny: Ooh, it's heads! That means good luck for meeeee!

Harry Potter tin: Won this freshman year in my Reading Harry Potter class for having the best costume (The Grey Lady)******

Keyboard and mouse: Again, no explanation needed.

Harry Potter blanket: To protect my propped-up legs from the lip at the edge of the desk

Okay, so that was more of a general description of my desk. I didn't want to get into TOO much detail and bore you all to death. (Or bore you MORE to death.)

*This is actually a majorly abridged version of what my desk usually contains because my mom was in town and helped me clean my room up :)
**From left to right
***Whenever I see this last name, I think of Evanna Lynch
****Quetzalcoatl FTW
*****Also the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price (LDS scriptures that go along with the Old and New Testaments)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Just Pretend I Posted This Last Night, Okay?

So we got our room! It's not the one we really wanted, but it's almost as good and we all got one together. So YAY!

The one we wanted was located right in the middle of campus, which would have been SO NICE because all my classes are on North Campus so it would have been pretty easy to get to class every day. The one we GOT is basically the same apartment as the one we wanted, but it's all the way on South Campus. So it will take me a good 20 minutes to get to my classes every day. Which is fine, it's just a big change from the 3-5 minutes it takes me now. But on the bright side, I'll get more exercise! :) So it all worked out, just not how we were expecting. Things tend to work that way more often than not, I think.

Speaking of things working out, I'm teaching two tenth grade classes about WWII and the Holocaust* today. I'm PRETTY NERVOUS. I've never taught actual high schoolers before. I've taught college students pretending to be high schoolers, but somehow I don't think it's going to be the same. *sigh* So, wish me luck! I'll tell you all about it tonight.

Until then, best wishes!


*Aren't I supposed to be an ENGLISH teacher? How did I end up teaching a lesson on HISTORY? :-/

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Ever Happened to Seniority?

GRRRRR! I missed ANOTHER night! *sigh* In my defense, I was up until 1:30 am working on a paper, so it didn't even OCCUR to me to blog. Sorry, guys.

So tomorrow is going to be INTERESTING. See, my school has a lot of students and not nearly enough housing. Lots of people live off campus, but the incoming Freshman class keeps getting bigger and bigger each year, and this year the housing situation was DIRE. They're cramming as many people into these buildings as possible. So they decided to change up the application process. Instead of going with seniority (like they have every other year I've been here) and giving the upperclassmen priority to choose their housing, they made it an all-out lottery. So unlike years past when I got to choose my room several DAYS before the sophomores or freshmen got to choose theirs, I'm stuck with one of the much later dates (tomorrow) because that was my "randomly assigned" lottery date. Of course, since my roomies and I were ALL given tomorrow as our date, most of the potential rooms are already taken. Which means we're all kinda screwed. Which kinda sucks.

The good news? My mom is transferring up to NAU next year, so if I can't get a room on campus I'll share an apartment with her.

Still, though. This whole this is rather frustrating.

I'll let you guys know what happens tomorrow. Until then, best wishes!


Friday, April 8, 2011


You guys, I just got my first ever summons to JURY DUTY! I feel like a GROWNUP! :)

Of course, I won't be able to go. I'll be, like, studying for finals in a different city. But still. I feel special now. *is an adult*

Anyway, I'm afraid that's all for tonight. I'm home for the weekend and I have lots going on. Maybe tomorrow I'll write a more extensive blog after I've finished my homework and stuff.  We'll see.

Best wishes! <3

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogging in Bed!

So I was laying in bed, about to go to sleep, when I realized--I hadn't blogged yet! Yikes! So instead of getting back up, waking up my computer, and writing a fancy-schmancy blog, I am blogging from my iTouch! Yaaaay for handheld devices with Internet access! :) Although I have to say, this would be MUCH easier with an iPAD :)

Anyway, this is kinda hard, so I think I'm gonna cut it off here. I'll do my best to get you folks a much more interesting blog tomorrow.

Until then, best wishes! <3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Okay, okay. I missed a day already. Don't hate. There's no such this as failure in BEDA. When you miss a day you get back up on your feet and blog the next day. That's just how it goes.

So you want to hear WHY I missed a day? It's actually not all that exciting, lol. See, we have this HUGE EVENT going on tonight called Polynesian Experience. It's our biggest event of the year. We decorate a big section of the union with Hawaiian/Polynesian decorations and then have crafts and entertainment and food for anyone who wants to come. So LAST night we had to set up all the decorations. We were really blessed because a TON of people showed up to help out, so the decorating went relatively quickly. Still, though, it was an exhausting end to a long day.

After we finished setting up some of us went to IHOP because we were hungry and all the places in the union were already closed.  It was delicious, of course, but I was so freaking tired when I got home that I didn't even THINK of blogging. I went to bed at like 11:15. Which is pretty early for me. Go figure, though--I couldn't fall asleep. So now I'm tired AGAIN because it took me a while to really fall asleep last night and then I had weirdo sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian dreams. And I'm not gonna do much better tonight. *SIGH* These last two weeks have been particularly difficult. But never fear! The semester is almost over and then I will REALLY get a chance to rest! Woo hoo!

So, yeah. That's the dealio. Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. Maybe I'll do a vlog next week to make up for it :)

Until tomorrow, best wishes!


Monday, April 4, 2011

In Defense of Nerdfighters (A Discussion about People, Groups, and "Posers")

Okay, folks! Here's the dealio. A friend of mine on Twitter said that he thought these "Nerdfighters" that have been going around the web were just hipster "nerds". I, being a Nerdfighter, decided to rally to our defense! It was actually a really interesting conversation and I came to some interesting conclusions about people and about myself.

1. A single group of people is complex, even if they are united by a common characteristic: in this case, "nerds".  There are many people who identify as nerds, and each person has their own definition of what it means to BE a nerd. I, for example, consider myself more of a language nerd, though I enjoy other classically "nerdy" things like video games and puzzles. There are other nerds out there, though, who are math nerds. Vihart is an excellent example of this. Now, I don't know if Vihart considers herself a Nerdfighter, but I do think she considers herself a nerd, which puts us both into the same group. And yet we are SO DIFFERENT. The cool thing is, though, I can respect and even enjoy her nerdiness, despite the fact that my love is language rather than math. So not only do we need to see individual people complexly, but we also need to see groups complexly.

2. Who cares WHY other people do what they do or claim to be who they claim to be? That doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if someone claims to love Harry Potter because all the cool kids love Harry Potter. That's THEIR decision. Just because I love Harry Potter for the sake of loving it doesn't mean that I should judge other people because I think they're just Potter POSERS. If I think that Harry Potter has lost its value because other people like it for reasons I deem NON-LEGITIMATE, then I'm just as bad as people who say they like something just because it's the cool thing to like. I don't care what other people think about Harry Potter, I LOVE Harry Potter and that will never be affected by what other people think about it. Ceasing to like something because other people like it for its "coolness" is just as bad as liking something only because it is "cool."

3. I had a third point, but I can't remember what it was going to be. So, yeah. Lol.

Anyway, I just thought this was a really interesting discussion. If you'd like to see our whole conversation, I've transcribed it for you! (I did tweak a few grammatical things, fyi. Didn't change any content, just added an apostrophe here and there and elongated things like "b/c" that are necessary on Twitter. Also, color coded for your enjoyment.)

FRIEND (original tweet that sparked the discussion): Maybe it’s just me but this "nerdfighter" stuff that I see going around the net seems like just a bunch of hipster "nerds".

ME: Nerdfighters come in all shapes and sizes (and incidentally have been "going around the net" since 2007).

ME:  Not sure how you're defining "hipster," but I'm sure there are hipster Nerdfighters. I don't really consider MYSELF a hipster, though.

FRIEND:  Yah but their interest in things that are part of nerd culture seems shallow. More to be cool than geeking out over stuff

ME:  Hmm. Would you consider my interest in Harry Potter to be more "cool" than "geeking out"? Because it's definitely not.

FRIEND: Again, just impressions but these aren’t the people I think of when I think nerds (being one myself and around them)

ME: Honestly? There probably are Nerdfighters who call themselves that to be cool. But you'll get that with any group.

FRIEND:  I mean hipster as in being interested because it’s different from the mainstream, rather than legitimately being invested

ME:  I just think it's dangerous to generalize a group of very diverse people. I'd say many Nerdfigthers ARE interested in mainstream.

FRIEND:  Nah, you're legitimately nerdy about HP haha. But I’m talking people who throw out a portal joke and prolly never played it

ME:  Yeah, well that IS annoying. But, again, probably not the majority of Nerdfighters.

ME: The other thing, often jokes from specific things like video games become in-jokes between Nerdfighters who haven't played them. Like, I could say "the cake is a lie" and I get the background of the joke, but to me it's funny because other people who HAVE used it in a context that was funny and it caught on. That's true in popular culture, too, though. Lots of allusions are made to literature or sports in everyday speech by people who don't even KNOW what they're alluding to.

FRIEND: Understandable, but as someone who is personally invested in it, it can be rather annoying to see people act that way

ME:  I totally get that. Really. I would never say "the cake is a lie" because I've only heard it second hand. But you can understand why I take your hipster "nerds" comment as frustrating because I am personally invested in Nerdfighteria and am sincere about it

FRIEND:  For an example relevant to you - Imagine someone wearing some "Dumbledore's Army" shirt, but who’s never read Harry Potter

ME: See, I don't know. That might bother me initially, but when I thought about it I'd be excited to see how far a reach my beloved Harry Potter has had. I would definitely encourage them to actually READ the books, though.

FRIEND: True, but a lot of these people won’t. They just want to be part of the in crowd. When we're not doing it to be cool, but because we're legitimately interested. It kinda diminishes it imo

ME:  See, that's where I disagree. Nothing can diminish your love for something other than your own feelings. By saying that other people liking it for the sake of being "cool" diminishes the value of that thing, then you are just as bad as those who you would call hipsters who liked the thing for it's "value" (non-mainstreamness) in the first place.

FRIEND: I mean diminishes in that people like it for superficial reasons, not pertaining to its actual quality. So the average person sees it not for its actual qualities, but the superficiality that’s most readily seen

ME:  But I don't think that diminishes it. Who cares why people like it? It doesn't matter if it's superficially diminished. Screw them. Lol. Seriously, though. It might even help some people discover its awesomeness if they find it because it's "cool."

FRIEND: I just think people should enjoy things for their actual quality, not for example, because other people enjoy them

ME:  I agree with you, but since we can't change WHY other people do things, I'm not gonna let it bother me :)

FRIEND:  I get what you're saying about discovery which is a valid point. Maybe its worth having "posers" (for lack of a better term) if the one person out of 1000 actually ends up liking it because its good, not to follow the crowd

ME  Yup, that's what I'm sayin'. Take Buffy for example. Never would've watched it if it weren't popular, but I LOVE it now. And honestly? A good chunk of the reason I watched it was because other people talked about it and I wanted in on the jokes.

FRIEND:  This discussion went in a pretty different direction haha. Part of my worry is when a group caters too much to the mainstream, and by extension, loses what made it so good in the first place. Which happens a lot in consumer media

ME: It did, lol! Good discussion, though! And yeah, that is totally understandable. But people gotta make money, and mainstream is a LOT more lucrative than relative obscurity.

FRIEND: And by the end of this discussion, I'm the one thats (kinda) looking like a hipster. That’s irony haha.

ME:  SUCKAH!!! Lol :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh, Darlin', Don't You Ever Grow Up

At the end of last year I posted a blog about my goals for 2011. Today I want to look at my progress on these goals.

1. Graduate college- Well, this isn't technically going to happen this year. I have two more classes that I have to take next semester, so I won't actually be student teaching until Spring 2012. But THEN I'll graduate. So I'm only a little behind on this one.

2. Re-write NaNo novel from 2008- This one is mostly going to happen over the summer (which has been my plan since I made the goal). But I HAVE been getting involved with some awesome writers and I'm totally feeling the motivation! This one is definitely going to happen.

3. Upload 100 videos- Heh. Ummm . . . yeah, not doing so well on this one yet. This semester has been pretty darn busy. But it's only April! I think I can still do this one. It's just going to take some diligence.

4. Read 50 books- Doing much better on this one than the video-making one. I've read 10 books so far this year, which means I'm a little behind if we're going with one-book-a-week, but this is another goal that is going to get a major boost over the summer. Also, I decided to make this goal official on Goodreads (which is an AWESOME website that I hadn't used before but now REALLY LOVE), so you can watch me as I read (and usually review) each book that I read this year: Allison's Goodreads Challenge.

5. Exercise regularly- No comment. *insert excuse about schoolwork and stuff*

6. Watch Dr. Who- Hasn't happened yet. WILL HAPPEN. But I'm not worried about this one. When I marathon a show, I MARATHON IT.

7. Start a weekly vlog with my roomie Janice- See #3.

8. Fall in nerdfighterlike- Nope. Nothing at all on this front. There just aren't many LDS guys in Flagstaff that are single or my age. Maybe I'll meet someone this summer! Maybe.

So it looks like I'm actually doing okay on these goals! It's only April, so it's still a little early to tell, but I think it's best to think about them more than just at the beginning and end of the year.

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

P. S. Title is from Taylor Swift's song "Never Grow Up" (because I'm listening to that song right now and I couldn't think of a title and it seemed to fit better than "I Am Not the Kind of Girl Who Should Be Rudely Barging In On a White Veil Occasion" . . . I'll use that one for the blog when I talk about my epic Hogwarts Wedding.)
P. P. S. Check out my blog! I changed it up and it's all cute now :)