Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh, Darlin', Don't You Ever Grow Up

At the end of last year I posted a blog about my goals for 2011. Today I want to look at my progress on these goals.

1. Graduate college- Well, this isn't technically going to happen this year. I have two more classes that I have to take next semester, so I won't actually be student teaching until Spring 2012. But THEN I'll graduate. So I'm only a little behind on this one.

2. Re-write NaNo novel from 2008- This one is mostly going to happen over the summer (which has been my plan since I made the goal). But I HAVE been getting involved with some awesome writers and I'm totally feeling the motivation! This one is definitely going to happen.

3. Upload 100 videos- Heh. Ummm . . . yeah, not doing so well on this one yet. This semester has been pretty darn busy. But it's only April! I think I can still do this one. It's just going to take some diligence.

4. Read 50 books- Doing much better on this one than the video-making one. I've read 10 books so far this year, which means I'm a little behind if we're going with one-book-a-week, but this is another goal that is going to get a major boost over the summer. Also, I decided to make this goal official on Goodreads (which is an AWESOME website that I hadn't used before but now REALLY LOVE), so you can watch me as I read (and usually review) each book that I read this year: Allison's Goodreads Challenge.

5. Exercise regularly- No comment. *insert excuse about schoolwork and stuff*

6. Watch Dr. Who- Hasn't happened yet. WILL HAPPEN. But I'm not worried about this one. When I marathon a show, I MARATHON IT.

7. Start a weekly vlog with my roomie Janice- See #3.

8. Fall in nerdfighterlike- Nope. Nothing at all on this front. There just aren't many LDS guys in Flagstaff that are single or my age. Maybe I'll meet someone this summer! Maybe.

So it looks like I'm actually doing okay on these goals! It's only April, so it's still a little early to tell, but I think it's best to think about them more than just at the beginning and end of the year.

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

P. S. Title is from Taylor Swift's song "Never Grow Up" (because I'm listening to that song right now and I couldn't think of a title and it seemed to fit better than "I Am Not the Kind of Girl Who Should Be Rudely Barging In On a White Veil Occasion" . . . I'll use that one for the blog when I talk about my epic Hogwarts Wedding.)
P. P. S. Check out my blog! I changed it up and it's all cute now :)

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  1. That song is the best ever!! It basically says what I have been thinking the past two weeks with my little one! Awesome goals by the way!