Friday, April 8, 2011


You guys, I just got my first ever summons to JURY DUTY! I feel like a GROWNUP! :)

Of course, I won't be able to go. I'll be, like, studying for finals in a different city. But still. I feel special now. *is an adult*

Anyway, I'm afraid that's all for tonight. I'm home for the weekend and I have lots going on. Maybe tomorrow I'll write a more extensive blog after I've finished my homework and stuff.  We'll see.

Best wishes! <3


  1. Welcome to adulthood...It SUCKS!!!!111!!

  2. I just got my first summons this week too! Also during finals, so I had to postpone as well. Look at us, all grown up!

  3. You will still have to go. You have to call and postpone your summons. Being in a different city doesn't get you out of it. I once postponed my for nearly 6 months, but I still had to show up eventually. 6 hours spent in a governmental building just so I could tell them I had to go back to school and wouldn't be able to serve. Two years later, I got ANOTHER summons. Luckily, I called the night before, and my group number was dismissed.