Saturday, April 2, 2011

General Conference, The Park, Homemade Burgers, and Tangled

Okay, yeah, yesterday's blog was definitely an April Fool's joke. Just so you all know :) Did not meet a guy at the poetry slam, did not go on a date, did not get engaged.

Anyway, so today was an AWESOME DAY. This weekend is General Conference for my church, which is a semiannual gathering of all the church members to listen to the leaders of the church speak. Now, since there are like fourteen MILLION members of the church, most people watch a broadcast of the actual conference. So today we watched the first two sessions and they were so good. I don't know if you're aware of this, but I am a crier. I pretty much cry at the drop of a hat. So it's no surprise that there were tears during the touching parts of the talks, but the one I remember the most was about a little girl in the ICU who woke up after a major surgery and told her family that her grandma and aunt (who had both died) were in the room with her, and so were several other family members who had passed on, including ones she and never met. And then, after all that, she told her family that all the kids in the ICU had angles looking over them. I was definitely crying then. For some reason, things about families are especially touching to me, and the story about the angels in the ICU watching over their family members was just wonderful.

After the second session of conference my friends and I went to the park. That was SO MUCH FUN. There was a big group of like eight kids there (they all ended up being siblings!) and my friends and I played with them! It was seriously fun. Just because you're in your twenties doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good afternoon at the park :)

Then we were HUNGRY. So we decided to make burgers! They took a while to make, but they were SO GOOD. Like, I can't even describe how delicious they were. Yeah. AMAZING.

But even better than the park and the burgers? WE ARE WATCHING TANGLED! I LOVE this movie. Beauty and the Beast will always be my favorite classic Disney movie, but Tangled is TOTALLY my favorite new one. Seriously. It's so funny and cute and just awesome.
Case in point: "So, you're being strangely cryptic as you wrap your magic hair around my injured hand."

Anyway, yeah. This is kind of a summary-of-my-day blog today. I'll try to do something more exciting tomorrow.

Until then, best wishes!


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