Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poetry Wednesdays: Back to School

I've decided to start doing Poetry Wednesdays on here, because I'm taking Intro to Creative Writing: Poetry on Wednesday nights and I'd like to share what I write each week :) This is my first one. I read it in class today and it was a hit, so I'm kind of proud of it :D

Back to School

As the scarlet train whistles
I take in the endless trees
that look so inviting and
finally I believe that
I made it to my dream school.

Soon I will be in a dorm
that I share with three others
looking forward to the time
we will spend walking through the
corridors, laughing as we
throw on our blue and bronze scarves.

The image is picturesque
and for a moment I feel
more excited than I have
ever felt for a school year.

But the train whistles again.
I blink and am forced to see
heartbreaking reality:

This isn’t Hogwarts.

(Inspired by Hank Green's "This Isn't Hogwarts")