Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Non-Spoilery Excitement


That book was SO GOOD!

I got up at 8:50 this morning, got dressed, headed over to Barnes and Noble, and then proceeded to spend the ENTIRE DAY reading Mockingjay. And it was SO GOOD.

When I only had about 100 pages left, I decided I wanted to get out of my room and get some fresh air, so Vicki (who was about 30 pages behind me) and I drove up to Mars Hill and sat in my car with the windows down to finish reading. I was ahead of her for almost the whole book, but she caught up to be about 20 pages out and ended up finishing 10 pages before me. And she didn't even get her copy until like 12:30. So, yeah, I'm a slower reader. I like to spend as much time with a book as possible, though, so I'm okay with that.

Anyway. Yeah. WOW. That was such an awesome book. And, I'm not going to spoil anything, but I was SO HAPPY with the ending. It was excellent.

I can't really say anything else because the book is all that's on my mind and MOST of you probably haven't finished it yet. When you do finish, though, we can discuss it privately so as to not spoil others.

Until tomorrow, may the odds be ever in your favor!

Days until school: 6 (yikes... that is SOON!)
BEDA posts: 24
Sewing projects completed: 9

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