Monday, August 9, 2010

Money, Money, Money...

... must be funny in the rich man's world.*

I spent a LOT of money today. Totally worth it, though. My room is going to be AWESOME this year.

We decided to rearrange everythnig so that we could fit a sewing table next to my futon. It took some creative organizing skillz, which luckily my mom has in abundance, but it turned out fantastic! All we have left to do is build the furniture and get all the stuff set aside that's going back home.

First we went to Target and bought a little entertainment-center-ish thing for the TV.** It's much sturdier than the one we had last year, which is excellent, and it has a bunch of storage space, so there will be plenty of room for my new gaming systems! We also bought a cute little lamp for my desk so I can record a video or two with decent lighting. (Maybe I'll even do a vlog or two for BEDA...) And we were going to hit Safeway on the way back, but there was enough of a grocery section at Target that we didn't have to.

We weren't able to find a good table for sewing at Target, though, so we went to Wal-Mart and found a great desk with a bunch of storage space and a sturdy-looking build and it is going to fit PERFECTLY into the space we made for it. I'm more excited about that than anything else, I think.

Oh, and good news! Wal-Mart has a HUGE sewing section. TONS of fabric and supplies and stuff. So I'll be okay for the semester. :)

Anyway, tomorrow morning we're going to this awesome Mexican breakfast restaurant, so I should probably try to get to bed pretty soon here.

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

*I thought ABBA would be appropriate for an MJ-sanctioned event like BEDA
**Unfortunately, my roommate has the TV and she won't be here for like three weeks. I can't begin to describe to you how sad I am. I have a Wii and an Xbox 360 and NOTHING TO PLAY THEM ON. Actually, this isn't exactly true. My friend Vicki has a TV and she's up here now, and I bet she would let me hook up my game systems for a little while if I got desperate, but I'm not QUITE at that point yet. We'll see.

Days until school starts: 21 (Thanks, Julia!)
BEDA posts: 9
Sewing projects completed: 5

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  1. It's true, my organizing skillz are the bomb