Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Let Them Exhume Me


Well, I'm just borrowing it, but I am SO excited. I was going to have to wait TWO MORE WEEKS to have one, but my awesome and WONDERFUL friend Jen has all her stuff in Flagstaff but won't be moving in until the weekend before school starts, so I asked her if she had a TV I could borrow for the next two weeks, and she said yes! So I went and got it from her roommate this afternoon and then I played Civilization Revolution for basically the rest of the afternoon. It was awesome. I am SO HAPPY. And yes, I know, I'm a nerd.

Along those lines of nerdy behavior, I also finished season one of Bones today. That show is so awesome! And at risk of being labeled the shipper that I am: BOOTH AND BONES LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH!!! :D

While I was playing video games this afternoon, it RAINED LIKE CRAZY! It was SO COOL. I could smell it before I could hear it, but as soon as that scent hit my nose (or more likely when it hit my olfactory thingies) I got SO excited. I rushed over to the window and I could only BARELY see the drops coming from the sky, but as I watched it quickly transformed into a STORM. It was VERY cool. I love rainstorms. I'm from the desert, so rain is rare. When it does come, though, it is a BIG DEAL, even if it's only ten minutes of light sprinkling. In my book, any amount of rain makes a dull day into an awesome one.

Anyway, yeah, today was an excellent day. I am in a very good mood right now. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as awesome.

Oh, one more thing: I HATE it when the police are trying to exhume a body in order to solve a murder and the family puts up a huge fuss and won't let them do it. So if I die and my body is key evidence in a murder investigation, just let them exhume me, okay? It's only my body; I doubt I'll be using it again for some time.

Until tomorrow, best wishes!

Days until school: 14
BEDA posts: 16
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