Saturday, August 21, 2010


I finished The Hunger Games last night. WOW. I mean, I knew that I loved those books, but DANG! I forgot how much I LOVED THOSE BOOKS! It was JUST SO GOOD. I know I've said this approx. a gagillion times, but dudes. READ. THEM. NOW.

Today I took a bit of a rest from reading* and got some other things done. I watched Bones, I went to work where I caught up on Twitter, and I finished my secret project for my mom. Since my mom reads this blog, here's a non-spoilery picture:

Mysterious Envelope of Awesome

This is the mysterious envelope of awesome that I will be mailing to my mom. That's right, it fits in an envelope. :)

I'll tell you guys all about it when she gets it, but for now that's one more sewing project completed! :D And don't worry, telling you it's a sewing project gives away NOTHING. (Muahahahaha!)

Anyway, I think I might keep it short and sweet tonight. I still need to begin consuming Catching Fire tonight.


(Hmm, looks like I already started...)

Tomorrow I'm having a Yay-Training-Is-Over Dinner for my new staffmates, so I'll fill you in on all the yummy details. Maybe I'll share some pictures of my delicious homemade peach cobbler. We shall see!

So until then, best wishes!

*Sometimes I need a break after reading one book before moving onto the next. Even if they're in the same series. Vicki thinks I'm crazy, but I think I'll be able to better appreciate Catching Fire now that my brain has had some time to simmer.

Days until school: 9
BEDA posts:21
Sewing projects complete: 9 (yay!)


  1. I can not wait for Mocking Jay on Tuesday. I love the Hunger Games series :D

  2. You're mailing me a mysterious envelope of awesome? That's AWESOME! I'm so excited (and now I have that song in my head!) Yay!

  3. 1. You ARE crazy.

    2. You should not be leaving tooth indents on a book that is so great.

    3. MOCKINGJAY COMES OUT ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don't think it's weird you need a break from reading. I totally do the same thing. I like to spend at least a day after a book to really mull it over and digest it, make connections I hadn't made, that sort of thing, before I'm ready to jump into a new book. You're not crazy. Or at least, you're the same amount of crazy as I am, which I say is a-o-k!