Monday, August 30, 2010


I see that my titles are getting progressively stupider, but it's because I CAN'T BELIEVE BEDA IS ALMOST OVER.

Today was crazy busy (but awesome!), so I didn't have a chance to catch up on everybody's blogs and respond to comments, but I WILL get to it!  Tomorrow I only have two classes, one of which is an Institute class, so I'll have MUCH more opportunity to catch up on everything.  Still, though, this whole week is BUSY.

I'm really excited for this semester.  It's going to be GREAT.  I can FEEL it.  I feel really good, and my classes seem like they're going to be pretty awesome, so I'm happy.  Oh, and my job is so much FUN!  We have a Black and White Dance coming up next week, and I'm really excited to get everything set up and to do all the decorations and stuff.  I'm a little worried that the music is going to be, ummm, raunchy, but hopefully it won't be TOO bad.  I just remember going to prom and thinking, "What the CRAP is this stuff coming out of the speakers?" and I have a feeling this isn't going to be very different, but who knows?  Maybe I'm wrong*.

Anyway, today was really good because, for the first time, I SERIOUSLY considered going to Grad School.  I always figured I would teach right away and then go back and get my Master's in a few years or something, but seeing all these grad students working for Residence Life and having such a good time kinda inspired me.  I had a really good talk with one of my Institute teachers this morning when I went to register, and talking with him gave me a really good feeling about grad school.  So... I think I'm gonna do it.  I mean, I still need to do some research and figure things out, but... yeah.  I'm almost certain that this is the path I should take.  I'm not even worried about the fact that this means I probably won't get married until I'm like 25 because the options are so limited in Flagstaff.  (Assuming I decide to stay in Flag, which isn't a guarantee.)  I'm just happy about the prospect of continuing into a graduate program.  Which is weird, because only a month ago I was ready to drop my Education degree and just do English and get out of school as soon as possible.  So... yeah.  Kind of a 180 for me, but I'm happy.

WELL, I don't have much else to say tonight.  I think I'm going to keep blogging even when BEDA is over, though.  Anyone else with me?

Until tomorrow, then, best wishes!


BEDA posts: 30 (WOW!)
Sewing projects completed: 9

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  1. I'm with you! I will keep blogging til I get enough! (70's song reference) Also I'm glad that I raised children who understand the concept that a 180 is going in the totally opposite direction (rather than the dumb people who think it's a 360) and that you know there is nothing more than 100%.