Monday, October 25, 2010

All I want is to have two last names on facebook... *sigh*

Disclaimer: I don't usually devote a whole blog post to weddings.  Well, okay, only once in a while.  Please don't unsubscribe from me?  :)

It's happening again, folks.  I don't know where it came from, but it was inevitable going to rear its ugly head once again.


I've been thinking a lot about marriage lately, and I've come to realize some things: 1) I am nowhere NEAR as crazy-obsessed as I was back in freshman year, 2) I'm actually quite happy being single, and 3) I wanna get maaaried! *whines*

See, here's the thing.  I really like my life right now.  I'm almost done with school, I have some rough plans for the next several years, and I'm actually getting published.  And I even like being single.  The only person I really have to worry about is ME.  On the other hand, though, how great would it be to have somebody else to worry about?  Somebody to make dinner for, somebody to wear collaborating Halloween costumes with, somebody to hold hands with as we walk down the sidewalk in this freaking cold weather...

...somebody to LOVE.

Aside from just wanting to find somebody I really click with, though, I've been thinking a lot about WEDDINGS lately, which brings me back to THE RETURN OF WEDDING FEVER: Thisa Time, It'sa Personal.  I love thinking about weddings.  I love planning colors, imagining venues, and picking out AWESOME* bride's maid dresses.  Let me just map out my dream wedding for you (though, of course, I realize most of this won't ACTUALLY happen at my wedding because I am not rich and I don't know what my husband will want because I don't know who he IS yet).

We'll get married on a Saturday morning, we'll take pictures with our wedding party at the temple right after the ceremony, then we'll have a VERY INFORMAL luncheon for the wedding party and the family in which I will wear bride-themed pajamas and we will all eat turkey sandwiches on croissants and fruit and salad and potato salad and possibly some Breyer's mint-chocolate-chip ice cream.  Or maybe milk shakes.  We'll see.

Next up we will take a nap.  I am sure I will be exhausted.  Maybe if I'm really into vlogging at that point (or if I marry a vlogger) we will take some footage.  Or maybe we'll just nap.  Like I said, I'm pretty sure I'll be tired.  I won't have slept much the night before, I'll have gotten up early to get ready for the wedding, and I'll have gone through some MAJOR emotions** that day, which will all lend nicely to an afternoon nap.

That night will be the FESTIVITIES.  This is where I want to REALLY HAVE FUN.  So, we're talking my DREAM WEDDING.  Which means I can anybody I want.  Soooo... I want Mike Lombardo and All Caps to play at my reception.  The party will be HOPPIN'.  We will all rock out, everybody will DANCE, and it will just be tons of fun.  We will also have a delicious, but simple, assortment of foods.  Mostly it will be snack food and finger food.  There will be the obligatory veggie tray, but I also want to have something with SUBSTANCE (because we'll be hungry from all the AWESOME DANCING) like mini-sandwiches or those turkey-cream-cheese rolls, or maybe even WINGS!***

I want the reception to be particularly fun.  A lot of times the reception will have decent music and an okay spread of food, but none of guests will really be PARTYING.  They'll just sit at their little tables and chat idly with the other people at the table.  My reception will have DANCING.  There will be a cool emcee who will get people on the floor, even if it takes the Macarena to do it.  Seriously.  And since this is my dream wedding, there will be a DJ and All Caps/Mike Lombardo.  So we can have the classics like the Cha Cha Slide along with awesome songs like Don't Unplug Me and That Will Be the Day.  Oh, and I just decided.  Maureen Johnson is going to be the emcee.  And she will probably live-tweet the whole night.

Then at the end of the reception my new husband and I will leave for our awesome honeymoon touring Europe and my friends and family will have to clean everything up!  Suckahs! :D

Anyway... I'm sure I've blogged about this before, but it's been on my mind lately, so there you have it.  I promise I'll try not to talk about weddings or marriage or my lack of a boyfriend in next week's post.

Until then, best wishes!



**Major Emotions *salutes*

***Probably not wings.  I'll be wearing a white dress.

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  1. How awesome are you! Favorite part of this honest it sounds! *heart aching and hoping that someone is now preparing their life to meet you very soon*