Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good News!

My Costume Design teacher is awesome.  I explained why I'd been missing class and not turning in assignments (the real reason, not just, "I didn't get the book," which is only an outcome of the reason), and she is going to work with me so I can pass the class.  I'm so excited.

Also, I went to my "Teaching ELL* in the English Classroom" class, and it was really good.  See, I skipped several classes for a while there in ALL my classes, and I realized today that I honestly ENJOY going to class.  I learned stuff.  I understood what the teachers were talking about.  I took notes!  It was great.

A bonus side effect of going to class?  Going outdoors!  It was lovely.  It is so nice out, and taking a brisk walk to the Liberal Arts building was great.  I felt great.  And I feel that urge to LEARN again.

See, I know in my head that it's not good to hole yourself up in your room for weeks on end and only emerge to get groceries and go to the bank.  But sometimes it's hard to reconcile what I KNOW with what I choose to DO.  And I just got a reminder today of how nice it is to actually leave the dorm and do stuff.

ANYWAY, I just wanted to update because yesterday's post was kind of bleak and depressing, and I wanted to make it clear that I didn't just stay in that mood :)

Things are looking up!

*English Language Learners (basically, the new way of saying ESL)

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  1. Oh gosh. I LOVE it when teachers are merciful. Ihad one of those moments this week too... I was so stressed out that I just didn't go take an o-chem test. And my professor let me take it. <3 God bless Dr. Merritt Andrus.